Equipment maintenance personnel

Minimum Education:

Number of recruits:


Experience Requirements:

Work Area:


Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist in modifying various documents such as maintenance and maintenance of equipment;

2. Maintenance and maintenance of equipment;


Job requirements:

1. Electrical engineering and its automation/mechatronics/mechanical engineering is preferred;

2. Under 25 years old, bachelor degree or above, male students are preferred;

3. Proficient in using Office office software;

4. Understand MasterCAM software, use Solidworks/AutoCAD (at least 2 will 1);

5. PLC programmer is preferred;

6. Be able to recognize and draw electrical drawings.



1. Five insurances and one housing fund, free lunch, four dishes and one soup, holiday benefits, annual physical examination, birthday benefits, statutory holidays, etc

2. Working time: 5 days 8 hours, 8:30-17:30

3. Contact Ms. Yu: 13349029896 (same number as WeChat)

4. E-mail:

5. Address: Building 37, Longhu Science and Technology Innovation Park, intersection of Huangshan Avenue and Laoshan Road, Longzihu District, Bengbu City