Minimum Education:

Number of recruits:


Experience Requirements:

Work Area:


Job content

1. Responsible for financial budget and final accounts, financial accounting, accounting supervision and financial management;

2. Organize, coordinate, guide and supervise the daily management of the finance department, and supervise the implementation of the financial plan;

3. Responsible for reviewing daily expense reimbursement documents;

4. Responsible for accounting, filling in and reviewing accounting vouchers, registering detailed accounts and general ledgers, accounting for the receipt and payment of funds, the sending and receiving of property, the increase and decrease of use, the income and expenditure of funds, and the preparation of financial statements;

5. Implement the assessment of the company's budget management system indicators, and conduct process control and summary analysis of the completion of indicators;

6. Responsible for the preparation of financial statements and financial budget final accounts;

7. Organize and plan and manage the company's taxes, and complete the tax declaration and annual audit on time;

8. Make monthly income and expenditure detailed report;

9. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors;


Job requirements

1. College degree or above, major in accounting, holding intermediate accountant certificate;

2. Those who can use UF software are preferred;

3. More than five years of work experience, manufacturing finance experience is preferred;

4. Under 40 years old, with strong organizational communication skills.




1. Five insurances and one housing fund, free lunch, four dishes and one soup, holiday benefits, annual physical examination, birthday benefits, statutory holidays, etc

2. Working time: 5 days 8 hours, 8:30-17:30

3. Contact Ms. Yu: 13349029896 (same number as WeChat)

4. E-mail:

5. Address: Building 37, Longhu Science and Technology Innovation Park, intersection of Huangshan Avenue and Laoshan Road, Longzihu District, Bengbu City