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About us

Bengbu Dali Technology Co., Ltd

Employee care

          Every employee is the most valuable asset. We equip our employees with complete labor protection equipment and set up health care rooms in various industrial parks to protect the health of employees; We continuously improve the production process and increase the investment in equipment automation upgrade to reduce the labor intensity of employees and ensure the safety of employees. With the help of information office system, the company builds an effective communication platform between enterprises and employees, and builds a harmonious and trustworthy cultural atmosphere. Each industrial park is equipped with badminton courts, football fields, basketball courts, gyms, libraries and other public infrastructure to meet the needs of employees for fitness, reading, entertainment, culture and other aspects. Each industrial park of the company has a labor union and a love fund, which is used to help employees and their families in need, with a cumulative expenditure of 4.46 million yuan by the end of 2018, helping a total of 816 employees. Xinyi shoulders the responsibility of employee care and continues to strive to create a healthy and harmonious working and living environment for employees.


              Since its establishment in 1988, it has always adhered to the concept of repaying the society, enthusiastic about social public welfare undertakings, built Hope Primary School, set up various public welfare funds, and has donated hundreds of millions of yuan to charitable public welfare undertakings such as education, culture and health, transportation and environmental protection, poverty alleviation and disaster relief, social security, and righteous and courageous actions, making positive contributions to communities around the world with practical actions. The company has successively won the title of "Supporting Humen Education", "Guangdong Province Guangcai Award" and "The Third Pengcheng Charity Award" issued by the Humen Town Government of Dongguan City. In the future, Xinyi will continue to adhere to the value of "treating the world well", carry forward the fine tradition of poverty alleviation and helpfulness while doing a good job as an enterprise, and practice "doing good deeds to affect the world".